Subject: Middlebury, VT -- setlist and review
Date: Sat, 7 Dec 91 11:46:11 -0500

Phish -- Middlebury College -- Middlebury, VT -- 12/6/91

Memories (a cappella)
Uncle Pen
Squirming Coil
Guelah Papyrus*
I Didn't Know

It's Ice
You Enjoy Myself
Divided Sky
Henrietta: Whipping Post!!! (Fishman on fretless guitar)

E: Lawn Boy
   Rocky Top

*This was quite a strange version of Guelah.  Page and Trey kind missed the cue
 for the Asse Festival, and then Trey's guitar completely shit the bed.  So they
 stopped Guelah, and Trey said "Thank you, thank you.... we're gonna do a vocal
 number now since my guitar is fucked up".  It was pretty funny.

**This Possum had the "wait" business in the beginning.  They were doing the
  standard lead in, and then they just started playing these weird chords and
  saying "wait".  The crowd got into it, and it went on for about 5 minutes
  before they finally went into Possum

All in all it was a great show!  The crowd was pretty crazy... A number of peo-
ple jumped up on stage and Peter had to escort them off.  There was free chips,
lemonade, and BEER!  Can you believe that?  7 kegs they got!  Whew!

That's all for now.


P.S.  Someone better keep the Portsmouth setlist tonight, because I'm not going!
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Subject:  midd show

I wish I was as put off as I was the night of the Middlebury show.  First thing
first. The venue was a really cool place, a bit small, but if you hung upstairs
there was plenty o space to groove (but you couldnt really see the band). There
were lots o great eatables which was very hospitable.  But to make a longer stor
y shorter, there was potential for a really killer show and after driving a
bizillion mph from Boston, damn it, I deserved one. For one thing, the people
at the doors were really disorganized and arriving minutes after the start, I
was a bit anxious to get inside (not to mention it was colder than a rat's ass
up there).  I hate to generalize, and for the most part, a great number of
 the crowd were acting very appropriately, but there was also an awful lot of
people who were acting like supreme idiots - astage diving in front of Page
during Tela - come on!! During that 10 minute "Wait" song/thing, I felt
(and rightfully so) that the crowd was being punished for acting like big
dummies. Trey played hockey; it was like we were put in the box with a double
major until we learned to cool down.  Finally, I apologize to those who were
being cool and responsible, but for the most part the crowd was a bunch of frea
freakin drunks.  Now there are drunks and then there are 'stupid' drunks, and
believe you me, there were plenty o big stupit drunks that eve.  If  I can
possibly apologize to the band, I would.  Being the last show I cought on the
tour, it left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth, so Trey, Page, Mike, Fish, if
you are reading this, you're more than welcome to come to Buffalo and play
in my parents' house. I'll cook you a kind spaghetti dinner!
Much Love, Floyd and Fee
P.S. Set-wise , it was a pretty hot show.