From: Rich Fromm 25-Nov-1991 1314 
Subject: barre
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 91 10:15:34 PST

Another killer show on saturday in Barre.  Just the kind of place I like to see
a show:  it was a big gym with a stage at one end, and bleachers along the side
that were pushed back into the wall.  Plenty of room to move around and dance.
I stayed way back for the first set, but moved up right in front of Page for
the second; there was even plenty of room right in front of the stage.  There
was a small balcony with seats for those who were so inclined.

No, I don't remember the entire setlist, but I will mention a couple of
highlights.  Fish played vacuum (I don't remember during what song; is it
always during just one song, or certain songs?), something that I always find
quite amusing.  Where the hell did he ever come up with that idea anyway?
Someone near me in the crowd handed him a hat with a fish stuck through it
that he put on.  During the encore, they played an incredible Jesus Just Left  
Chicago, along with the sax player from the Horns (Dave "the Truth" Griffo ?).
After that, they ended the show with Big Black Furry Creatures From Mars.  Just
what the hell was going on right in front of the stage during that?  People
were shoving each other all over the place, although things were still normal
where I was standing.  Is that supposed to be slam dancing?  It seemed to be
getting a little too rough and out of hand for my tastes.

All in all, I had a great time.  Saw some of my new Phish phriends. (Hi Matt!
Hi Shelly!)  Matt had a print of the PhishNet T-shirt design with him.  It
really looks good.  I'll definitely get one.  I seem to be enjoying shows more
and more.  I seriously thought about heading to Dartmouth for the Sunday show,
but my legs really need a little rest from dancing, and I probably wouldn't  
have made it to work on Monday morning had I gone.  I'll be mighty happy if  
they all continue to be general admission shows (preferably with no seats), but  
I sort of assume that eventually Phish is going to get too big for that to be a

- Rich