From: David Douglas McCallum 
Subject: Bayou review

Well, that was some show Phish put on last night at the Bayou in
Washington D.C. (11/16/91). At this writing, I have only seen
PHISH 3 times, all at the Bayou (late 1989, Spring 1990, and last
night). Luckily, I was dancing next to a guy who knew all the song
titles, so I was clued in on the songs I didn't know.
The opening act was a very capable fingerpicker whose name I cannot
recall, but whose music was quite excellent (Mike somebody). Then, until
Phish came on, the club showed a video of old Rush in concert, which
was awesome (to a Rush fan from way back). At 11:05 p.m.,the boys
came on, cranking out a tight, fast first set including
     Uncle Penn
     Runaway Jim
     It's Ice =>
     Sparkle =>
     Foam (in hyperactive double-time)
The set break was filled with selections from Rush's latest album,
"Roll The Bones", which is a very strong release and sounds even
better at club volumes. The second set (starting at 1:00 a.m.)  
     My Sweet One
     Bathtub Gin (ending in an aural meltdown frenzy)
Taking advantage of a break between songs, Henrietta officially
renamed the band "Mrs. Pizza Shit", a phrase blurted out by Trey
several times during the show thus far.
Trey then made an announcement of special guests in the audience,
including his mother, and two co-authors to several Phish tunes
(those in the know, fill in the blanks).
The first few bars of "You Enjoy Myself" were played before coming
to an abrupt halt. Trey then confirmed that the band were quite
serious in their name change to "Mrs. Pizza Shit". The band then
kicked back into the song, replete with syncronized bouncing on the
part of Trey & Mike, and a HUGE funky jam (and I wrote that on my
set list about half of the way through the jam) and a long "Mrs. Pizza
Shit" vocal rap at the end.
     Horn =>
     Chalk Dust Torture
     Terrapin (w/ vintage vacuum cleaner)
The encores were
     Glide (announced as a new tune)
     Rocky Top
Sweet! Thanks to Scott Javage of Philadelphia, PA for helping me out
with song titles and the words to "Llama". I saw four tapers in the
audience, so who has tapes? 'Fess up!