From: Richard Stern 
Subject: 10-31-91

Story time:

We got to Armstrong about an hour before the show, and there were very few
people there.  My wife was dressed as a cop, and it was quite a realistic
uniform.  Page and Fish came by, and Fish asked her if she was a cop or if
that was her uniform.  Page ended up standing around and talking with us for
about 30 minutes. (oh yeah, this was myself, John Friedman, my wife (Lori) and
another friend)  We told Page we were on the and that we'd read
Shelly's interview, etc.

At break, some of the crew were rounding up folks for the costume contest,
and they came and got Lori.  They paired her with a dude dressed as a
bong!!  Trey was doing the contest introductions, and he announced the  
Cop/Bong as his favorite.  They ended up winning, so now Lori can get  
in free to every Phish show for a year.  Too bad she'll probably only get
to a couple of shows, but it was neat anyway.

Costumes: Trey had a headband with devil horns.  Mike was in a dress. Fish
was in a McDonalds employee outfit.  Page just had some face paint??

When they came out for set II, there was a woman dressed as Mike holding
his bass (he has two of them) in place of Mike.  We weren't sure if it was
a friend of the bands, or if it was someone who dressed as Mike for their
costume.  Anyway, they start Landlady, and this person is pretending to  
play bass while Mike is playing from offstage.  She was moving like Mike
and did the little swivle hips move with Trey, and it was hilarious.

Trey forgot the last verse in Fee, and as they were repeating the last
chorus he stepped up to the mic and said "I was thinking about what the
next tune should be, and I forgot the last verse.  So what we are going
to do is ... Wait".  And they went into this goofy Wait tune again.

Overall, I didn't think the show was great.  The crowd was very rowdy, and
the band was being really goofy.  They were having alot of fun, and there
were some killer moments, but the show didn't smoke from beginning to end.
High points were: Foam, Runaway Jim and Harry Hood.  Harry was very very
hot, with a long slowly built solo from Trey.

Armstrong Hall, Colorado Springs, CO

I:   Memories (a capella), (new tune?), Ya Mar, Sloth, Chalkdust Torture,
     Sparkle, Foam, Bathtub Gin, Hall in Solus, You Enjoy Myself, Runaway Jim

II:  Landlady, 'Costume Contest', Wait->Llama, Fee->Wait, My Sweet One->Wait->
     David Bowie, Horn, Dinner and a Movie, Tube, I Didn't Know (vacuum),
     Harry Hood

Enc: Glide(?), Rocky Top

notes:  1) new tune went: Whoa, Whoa, Whoa
        2) You Enjoy scat theme: A slice of pizza  
        3) Wait:  sounded like the opening line from It's Ice.  They played
                  the lick and them said: Wait.  This went on for about
                  1-2 minutes each time.