From: Kent Stewart  
Subject: 10-18-91

The entire Great American Music Hall show smoked. One highlight for me
was Split Open And Melt, which I may have heard at my first show but had
never heard since.

I was afraid the first encore was sounding like Highway To Hell, a song  
I frankly despise, but was surprized to hear it turn into James Gang's
Walk Away.  Cool. I thought the words to the Sparkle which followed were

"Laugh and Laugh and Fall Apart" rather then "Laughing Laughing" etc.

Does anyone know for sure? An excellent Squirming Coil closed the  

Henrietta's folks had the seats next to mine on the balcony
and seemed to be having a wonderful time. Earlier that evening while
I was waiting outside they had arrived in a taxi, and the father came
out with a camera to photograph the marqui with Phish's name on it 8-).
They seemed to be very proud parents.