Subject: 10-6-91

After planning and planning Phish finally played at the Student Union at my
school yesterday.  I got to be a roadie for the day and it was quite fun!

We built the stage the night before.  The show was to be in this big echo-y
hall in the Union.  We had to double the size of the stage to accomodate all of
the equipment.

When Chris walked in the first thing he said was, "Wow...good stage."  We were
psyched.  So we unloaded the truck and helped to set up.  I was extra psyched
because I've just ALWAYS wanted to be a roadie.  Anyway, that took a while.  
The band showed up later and there was a sound check.   

The show was GREAT!!!!!!!!  There were only like 300 people there and it was
someplace that was SO familiar to me.  It was a very intimate feeling.  They
started out with a killer Suzy and into Foam.  It took a while, but everyone
ended up dancing!!  Being here in the Midwest not very many people had heard of
Phish and a lot of people were really skeptical of the show.  It was definitely
a success!!!  The majority of people loved it!!   

For the encore the band went up and did Sweet Adeline from the balcony!!  I was
up there to get a better view of everything and to have more room to dance (it
was cut off from the crowd) and they just came up and started to sing. It was
excellent. I heard Possum which I hadn't heard for a while.  The only thing
that I didn't hear in the 2 shows that I would have liked to is Lizards.  I
haven't heard that in the past like 5 shows I've seen.  Oh well.  Both shows I
saw were definitely kicking!!!!  Colorado, beware!!!!!!!  They were psyched for
the drive out there.  This band is HOT!!  I only wish I could go to CA and see
them at the Great American Music Hall!!!!   

The band seems very happy on tour.  They really liked it at Mac, which made all
of us who helped to bring them here very happy.  All in all it was a terrific
success and I can't believe that I can't see Phish again til New Years.  

Happy Phishing!!