From: Michael E Powers 
Subject: mabel's show(champaign, il)

greetings all,
I saw Phish for the first time on Thursday Oct 3 at a bar called Mabel's in  
Champaign Illinois(where I go to school).  I had a great time and met a lot of  
great people who had traveled some distance to see the show.  I have been  
listening to their studio stuff and bootlegs for some time now, but I have  
managed to miss them every single time they've come to Chicago(where i live).
Here's what i made of the setlist:
Set I
(some tune that nobody I talked to knew the name of-perhaps a new song.  the  
    refrain had Mike singing 'Can't I live while I'm young?')
Uncle Penn
It's Ice
Bouncing Around the Room
Divided Sky
Picture of Nectar

Set II
Hall of Silence-->
Mike's Song-->
We Ka Pa Groove
(?Highway Jill)
Squirming Coil-->
(?Memories-a capella)

  Tweezer reprise

It was great.  The hottest jams(IMHO) were We Ka Pa Groove(on trampolines),  
Divided Sky, Possum, Picture of Nectar.  I hope these guys remember us on their next tour, because i simply must see them again.
Mike Powers
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign