From: Henry A Petras 
Subject: PHISH @ The Rink 9.28.91

The Rink
Buffalo, NY

set I

Landlady ->
Bouncin' Round the Room
The Squirming Coil
My Sweet One
Golgi Apparatus
Memories (Mammaries) a cappela

set II

Award Presentation *
Guela Papyrus
Run Like An Antelope
Lawn Boy
Poor Heart
Mike's Song ->
I Am Hydrogen ->
Weekaparg Groove **

Big, Fat Furry Creature From Mars

* award presented for longest distance traveled for any
  singular PHISH gig (Amy's Farm 8.3.91 Palo Alto, CA -> Auburn, ME)

** Trey solos through the crowd on Rollerblades

recording: Sunnheiser ME40's -> Panasonic SV255 DAT

This was a very special show for me. Besides a very well
played show with excellent song selection, this show happened
to occur on my 25th birthday. Although I live in California,
I organized my schedule so that I could go out there for the event.  
Before the second set, Trey held up a trophy and said that  
that the group had waited 8 years to award this trophy and that
he was presenting this trophy for the longest distance traveled
for any singular PHISH gig (Amy's Farm 8.3.91 Palo Alto, CA -> Auburn, ME)
and preceded to call "Henry from California" onstage and wished  
me a happy birthday! Needless to say, it was a complete surprise and
and a very special moment in my life. The second set raged as you might
be able to tell from the setlist. Before leaving home, I tried to think
of what songs that I would want to hear on my birthday if I had the  
choice. It came down to two tunes, which for me encapsulate  
several aspects of PHISH's style of music, energy levels and humor:
Run Like An Antelope and Mike's Song -> I Am Hydrogen -> Weekaparg Groove.
To my great delight, they played both that night.

After "I Am Hydrogen," Trey went to the back of the stage, changed his
guitar over to the wireless setup, changed from sneakers to Rollerblades,
came back to the front of the stage and started into "Weekaparg Groove."
When it came time for the solo, he jumped off the front of the stage
and proceeded to rollerblade through the crowd while playing an  
extended solo. It was one of the most wild things that I have ever seen
a performer do while playing. Before the encore, he apologized for
bowling over a woman near the back of the Rink. Definitely a moment
in PHISH history!



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