Date: Wed, 11 Jun 1997 12:51:20 -0700
From: steven m nelson 
Subject: review 7/21/91 !

hey there ,heres my version of what i can remember of 7/21/91 ,ill try to 
keep it simple,.....7/21/91 in nystate at a place called arrowhead ranch
with g-c-horns & Stevo on percussionboard/washboard-setup,a highly 
circulated tape does exist amongst phish heads, 1st set went like this; 
tweezer,i didnt know,run away jim,lawn boy,scoth,ester,ac/dc 
bag..........2nd set; contact,tweezer reprise, > Stevo : gumbo, 
touch me, fee, suzy greenberg.    i will say this much, it was a rompin 
two sets of big fun ,especially the last 4 songs w/Stevo sittin in!!! 

wonderin who stevo is: try this url>