From: Ryan Stroud

Hey Folks:

   I've been listening to this show for a LONG time, and it has emerged
as one of my favorites.  I'm a BIG fan of the July 91 tour with the
Giant Country Horns.  Many complained of repetitive setlists, but the
horns REALLY brought out a serious aspect in Phish's music, not to
mention the amazing abilities of Carl Gerhard, Dave Grippo, and Russell
Remington...those guys tear some serious solos.  Anyway, IMO, this show
is amazing, and should be heard by EVERYONE.  It contains some VERY
strong playing, and showcases Phish way ahead of thier time.  It's also
one of the cleanest performances by the horn section.  VERY tight, and
very inspired.  I'd REALLY like to spread this tape.  My copy is an
Audience recording, and I'm DYING to find a Soundboard.  Matt King gave
me this show a LONG time who's got my upgrade?  Read

7-19-91  Somerville Theater NH

I: Golgi, Landlady, Bouncin', David Bowie, Fee 
Cavern, You Enjoy Myself, Gumbo, Touch Me

II:  Suzie Greenberg, Divided Sky, I Didn't Know, My Sweet One,
Magilla, Tweezer, Mango Song, BBFCFM, Lawn Boy, Runaway Jim

E:  Frankenstien

Golgi:   Back in the day, when Phish didn't have as many tunes, this
song was cool.  It's still cool now.  The horns add a little to this
tune, but it basically serves as a warm up for both the band and the
horns.  It's nicely played on my tape.  I wouldn't go crazy about it

Landlady:  This tune serves up some of the best playing in the band. 
This composition is fiery, and with the horns, it BURNS.  In this
particular version, Gerhard tears the roof off the joint.  Grippo
absolutely rips also.  It's nice to hear these guys blow over the
changes.  Page lays it down, and all is well.  You hafta hear this.  I
think this is great music.  Many shall agree.

Bouncin' :  Surprisingly not a throw away.  The boys must enjoy playing
this tune immensely.  This version has some energy that I think others
lack.  Perhaps that's why I dislike the song.  The band could play it in
their sleep, and perhaps that's why it's been really blah.  This version
has some intensity in the vocals, and the tempo isn't lethargic.  It's
nice, and it flows well into...

Bowie:  How many have heard Bowie with the horns?  Put your hands wasn't featured much on the tour.  This version is awesome
with the horns supporting the band heavily on the composed section.  The
jam is straight Phish, sans horns, and is jammed nicely, although there
is a bit of a hiccup right before the push to the end.  The trills and
whatnot are clean as piss, and the horns cap the song as well.  Great
version...if not for the jamming then at least for the addition of the

Fee:  This may have been the low point of the set.  This tune WAS
lethargic, and there was very little intensity.  You can tell it was
popular at the time, because the crowd is singing at THE TOP OF THEIR
LUNGS.  What's this???  Dave Matthews Concert??  Forget it.

Cavern:  Is funky and Gerhard has some fun ripping that lick at the
end.  C'mon admit's cool.  I enjoy this tune with the horns, and 
recently it has been a bit more laid back.  This version while strong is
comparable to the rest of the Caverns on the tour.

YEM:  Is where things get interesting.  The opening composed section is
tight, although Trey has some problems hitting "The Note".  Oh well, he
managed to jam around it pretty nicely.  When the Gmin7 to C9 jam
starts, the horns add this PHAAAT lick.  It adds a nice bit of flare. 
Charlie should try and review this YEM, I'd be interested as to what he
has to say about it.  (hint)  Anyway, about halfway through after Page
rips his solo, Trey starts his bit, and sinks into a Frankenstien
tease.  It's a bit more than a tease, but not the whole tune ala
7-8-94.  Phish ahead of it's time.  Before the 7-8-94 there was
7-19-91.  The jam ends with the horns helping Mike take it home, and
some Maceo Parker teases (sorry..don't know the name of the tune).  The
vocal jam is like summer 97 (phish ahead of it's time)  with the Wash
Uffizi's placed between solos and fills from Fish.  Nice vocal jam. 
Nice YEM.  Thank you Cleveland.

Gumbo:  Tears pretty fierce.  The tempo is up in this version, so it
lends itself nicely to jamming and hornspeak.  This chart is made by the
horns.  While it can jam without's akin to Suzie...once you hear
it with the horns, you never hear it the same way again.  Check this
version out.

Touch Me:  Fish at his best.  What more can I say.  The set closes in
style with Trey telling everyone to stick around because they are
showing the Esther video during setbreak.  Cool first set, with a YEM
not to be missed. got anything to say about that?

Set II:

  Suzie:  Well, there are no crazy antics in this one, but some bad ass
plying from the horns and the Page.  Gerhard nails every high "E". 
That's cool.  Carl you are a great player...and a very cool guy taboot. 
Thanks for everything:)

Divided Sky:  IMO, this is THE Divided Sky of all time.  My favorite of
all time.  The horns...I'll say it again...bring out a flair so that the
music just explodes!!  The 15/8 section where the chords rise and Page
rises is amazing, for the lone fact that the horns rise right with him,
and it feels sooo good when Trey hits that melody, which is a fine
example of the compostional ability of these guys.  Simply amazing. 
I've used this version of DS as Philler, and it has been received very
favorable.  Get this.

I Didn't Know:  Well, if nothing else, it gives the horns a rest, and
showcases the *very* strong singing ability of the band.

MSO:  Things getting a bit dull...I love this tune for the "And if your
dog or cat ever dies I'll buy you a Ewe" line.

Magilla:  Holy Shit...this is some serious fun.  From Carl's Up On the
Housetop tease to the trading solos between Fish and the Horns.  This
version is my all time favorite.  It's just fun.  And there is some
great playing.  God I love this show.

Tweezer:  Is still evolving, but played nicely with the horns.  The
ending is kinda cool with the descending chromatic licks.  I like
it...although I've never been a serious Tweezer Freak...this version is
very pleasing to my ears.

Mango Song:  Huh?  Wierd placement if you ask me, but it still is a
great tune.  Nicely played.

BBFCFM:  With horn intros is funny.  Each horn player gets to go on a
little tirade when he is announced.  I like all of them, not to mention
the chaos that a BBFCFM brings...add horns and you have some sensory
overload.  One-Two-Three-Four.  

Lawn Boy:  Mmmm....Page sings loungy style.  He cracks me up.  For
musical content, again check out Carl Gerhard's solo.  You go Miles.  :)

Runaway Jim:  Is a nice set closer, but the Frankencore reeks of power. 
Such a fun show.  And well, my favorite horn show ever.  It's a great
show.  Now who has the DAT so I can get a Phatty copy and tree it?  I
could listen to the show forever.

   Anyway Folks...If y'all are interested in obtaining this tape, drop
me a line.  If you have a nice copy of the show..please let me know.  I
have plenty to trade.  Either way, I'm going to do a big horn show offer
soon, especially trying to get the 7-18-91 show out a bit.  It's pretty
rare, but has some nice moments.  Thanks for reading, and I'd appreciate
some feedback on this.  Again, if you are interested in obtaining a copy
of the show...drop me a line...let me know why.  Charlie...get cracking
on that YEM.  :)