Subject:5/17/91 Story!  :-)

This was a most incredible day for me as well, and what a hot show!

First, the day:  I remeber it so clearly... It was beautiful and
warm, and at around noon, I drove down to Providence.  I had a
2:00 meeting scheduled with the clan at CoSA, my perspective place
of work for that upcoming summer.  I crusied down the Mass Pike
and Route 146 listening to the 2/9/91 Smith College show.  The
sunroof was open, the windows were down, I was done with classes,
and my spirits were high.  At around 2:00pm I arrived at CoSA.  I
pressed the little buzzer, and they beeped me in.  As I walked
through the office, (after several licks from Ben, the CoSA dog) I
noticed that my friend Greg, the CEO of CoSA, was already sitting
down with two men.  I could see Greg, but the other two had their
backs to me.  Greg motioned for me to come over.... As I
approached, I paused several times to talk to Dave, Dave, and
Sarah, the CoSA employees.  When I finally made over to Greg, he
stopped whatever he was saying and said, "... and this is the guy
I was telling you about.... Trey, Page, this is John Greene.... he
is the one who will be completing the Esther video, and working on
the other CoSA/Phish projects with your approval."  I was blown
away.  The reason I didn't recognize Trey was he had just gotten a
serious haircut :-) Anyhow, that was the day I met those guys.
Greg, Trey, Page, and I talked business stuff for an hour or so,
we got the go ahead on the Esther video, and I had a job offer!
Mike showed up a little later to check out all the CoSA stuff, but
seemed more or less uninterested.  After a while, Trey and Page
left to go to the Campus Club (a 5 minute walk from CoSA).  Greg
and I spent the afternoon together, talked about the summer,
partied up with the KGB, and eventually wound up at the Campus
Club.  This show was before the Campus Club was renovated, and it
was easily 95 - 100 degrees in that place.  People were dumping
pitchers of water over their heads!! The power went out during the
first song (Chalkdust), and everyone new we were in for a great
show.  Fishman played Syd Barrett's "Bike" which made my night.
Earlier, I had asked Trey if Fishman ever sang "Bike", because I
thought it'd be a great song for him to sing, and Trey said "Yeah,
he does that one every now and then, but he hasn't done it in a
while"... I guess Trey likes it too :-) I'll ask JP if he has that
show next time I talk to him, and maybe we'll run a tree with it.
See ya, phriends!  -John o o o