From: sirna@Xenon.Stanford.EDU (Tony Sirna)
Subject: 4-1-93 setlist
Date: Fri, 2 Apr 1993 08:47:44 GMT

Squirming Coil
My Friend
Paul & Silas
Lawn Boy
 w/ I feel the earth move and Barracuda

Curtain ->
Fee ->
Ya mar
Poor heart
Big Ball
 Then neil Young joins Phish on stage
I love You
 Then Bill Clinton comes out with Sax

E: carolina
   Tweezer Reprise

Actually neither guest arrived on stage but the band had the audience
completely fooled! Fishman was also Pied in the face by some women in
the audience with backstage passes just before Love You. Trey did a
very good act of motion to someone off stage and they even set up his
acoustic guitar for a guest. 

Overall it was a short show that was great but didn't compare to last
nights epic. Ya mar was definitely a highlight as well as possum and

At the free concert for the ancient forests Phish came on early in the
show and did amazing grace and i din't know, with mics for the 50, 000
crowd. Later Neil Young, David Crosby, Carol King , Kenny loggins and
a bunch of local bands played in the waterfront park about 6 blocks
from the Roseoland. I hear it was broadcast on MTV, anybody tape it?


ps time for last nights sets were 78 min and 92 min not whatever is
said before.

From: (Kyle Grieser)
Subject: 4/1/93, Portland
Date: 2 Apr 93 09:20:47 GMT

Just got back from the April Fools show... pretty solid show throughout.
With the waterfront thing going on with Neil Young, we were pretty well
set up for the Fool.  the whole audience bought it when Trey said "
Lets all welcome Neil Young".  They had even set up a mike and acoustic
guitar.... anyway... then fishman got hit with some pies and proceedd
to vacuum it off his face... anywho... set lists, only partial and out
of order:

1: Llama, Rift, Stash, Friendx2, Coil, Fluffhead!,
Antelope + others I'm forgetting.

2: Axilla, Poor Heart, Possum!, ya Mar, Tweezer, Big Ball Jam, Terrapin,

E: Caroline, Tweeprise ;-)

After three nights it getting though to remember sets...:-)  I'm not
complaining.  First set was pretty solid... very nice Coil... Page
was super!  Great Fluffhead... Good Stash, but not as good as Tuesday's.
Good Antelope... got weird... They stuck the beginning of that Heart
tune in the middle somewhere....

Second set was pretty good.  I'd never heard Axilla... I liked much of it,
I'll have to hear it again.  Crazed Tweezer, Trey went off.  Killer
the jam just went on and on..:-).  Ya Mar was great!  

Well, that's all you'll see from me until I'm back from Seattle.  Hope
someone can keep you updated...  I'll try to post a summary of
the next three shows once I get back... FLUFFHEAD!!! :-)



From: ALEK GRABINSKI / 765-2151 / KE Engineering Programs

Subject: 4.1.93 Setlist - Portland, OR
Date: Fri, 2 Apr 1993 18:46:57 GMT

OK, at the risk of seeming like a redundant net-hog:

4.1.93 - Roseland Theatre, Portland, OR

Set I                           Set II
Llama                           Axcilla ->
Guelah Papyrus (w/Asse)         The Curtain ->
Rift                            Oh! Possum
Stash                           Fee ->
Squirming Coil                  Ya Mar
My Friend, My Friend            Tweezer
Paul & Silas                    Poor Heart
Fluffhead                       Big Ball Jam
Lawnboy                         April Fool's Joke
Run Like an Antelope *          Terrapin

                            E / Carolina
                                Tweezer Reprise

A very hot show, on the heels of the "pro-tree" rally which was held 
nearby (which featured, among others, Neil Young and the Wilson sisters 
from Heart).  Trey noodled through Neil's 'Heart of Gold' when they 
first came out, and this theme was brought back a couple of times in the 
first set.  Page sang an excellent rendition of Lawnboy (and who was it 
who cuts this song out when they tape shows?!).  The Antelope, which was 
very fiery, had a quote from Heart's 'Heartbreaker'.

The second set rocked as well - comparable to Santa Cruz.  All 
throughout the first set I was wondering, 'So where's the April Fool's 
joke?'  It came after the Big Ball Jam; a folding chair and acoustic 
guitar were brought on stage.  Rather than going into the Henrietta 
intro, the band sort of hung around, looking off stage right.  Then Trey 
stepped up to the microphone and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, NEIL 
YOUNG!"  The crowd was deafening!  The cheers went on for a very long 
time, until... one by one... wait a minnit!  Dang, I been FOOLED!  
Before Fish started into Terrapin, three girls jumped on stage and they 
smooshed pies into his face, which seemed to delight our hirsute 
beatkeeper.  After Fish finished, Trey announced, "Ladies and gentlemen, 
on saxaphone, Mr BILL CLINTON!"  Fewer were suckered this time...

All in all, a great show, worth the trip up despite my illness.  Thanks 
to Rick Selby and his lovely wife for their hospitality!