From: Derek NA Hodovance 
Subject: 3/13/93  Boulder, Co show
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 1993 07:57:58 GMT

Just got back in...

SET I                           SET II
==========                      ==========
Land Lady                       Suzy Greenburg
Funky Bitch                     Tweezer
Bouncing                        Lizards
Maze                            Its Ice
Fee                             Glide
All Things Reconsidered         Uncle Penn
Split Open and Melt             Big Ball Jam
Contact                         Mike's Song ->
Llama                           I am Hydrogen ->
Wilson                          Wikopa Groove
Run Like An Antelope            Fast Enough For You
                                Trading Places Jam
                                Honey, Love Ya
                                T. P. Jam
                                Tweezer R.
                                E. My Sweet One
                                E. Amazing Grace
                                E. BBFCM

I can't believe it...  A Contact, BBFCM, Wilson, Uncle Penn and a
Lizards all in one show!!!  With a Fee and an AMAZING Mike's Groove
thrown in too...  The first set was a bit short...  But the second more
then made up for it...  Amazing Grace done with a mic because Balch
Fieldhouse is sort of big and isn't the greatest acousticly speaking...
Fishman sang Honey, Love Ya and did the E-lux thing in a suit and tie
tonight...  Trey said "This is John's new suit...  He's a real

Less than 24 hours to the Gunnison show!!!

From: mas@lamar.ColoState.EDU (Mark Scialdone)
Subject: Bouncin' Round Boulder
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 1993 22:28:46 GMT


 I am so glad I stayed here in Colorado for these Phish shows.
 I seriously debated going back east for the Richfield Dead run.

 So, so happy.

 Last night was the best that I've seen since 12/29 in New Haven.
 Best jams of the night : Maze (killer B3 solo), Split Open (best
 I've ever seen) and Mike's Groove (strobes, smoke and trampolines).

 During the elux solo, I heard a cone of one of the speakers on the
 LHS of the arena literally crack.  Tubbs adorned a three-piece 
 monkey suit.  Personally, I like the housedress.  Mike also had
 his heavey metal wind tunnel hairdo.  Looked sorta like a racoon cap.

 Late second set FEFY demonstrated that certain sweetness that almost
 reminiscent of a post drums/space Stella Blue or China Doll (the quiet
 before the storm).

 My first Phurry Creatures.  Interesting.  Trey spend quite some time
 positioning his mic as though it were an overhead percussion mic and
 singing from underneath.  Lots of running around on stage.What is the
 deal with this song?  Are they poking phun at heavey metal acts or
 what?  Boulder was ragin' after the show with "the hill" alive with
 phreaks everywhere.

 With Col. Bruce and ARU at the Fox this Wed., I'm so glad I decided to
 stay in the Rocky Mountain Space.  Enjoy Gunnison all.  And to those
 out east buried alive in the white stuff,....   take tomorrow off and
 go skiing.

 Peace and long live Deep Space Nine

 *Mark A. Scialdone  PhD.       "was it for                          *
 *Department of Chemistry               this my life                 *
 *Colorado State University                      I sought"           *
 *Fort Collins, CO.  80523                           perhaps         *

From: russellg@rintintin.Colorado.EDU (Glenn Russell)
Subject: More Colorado Opinions
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1993 00:00:41 GMT

The fieldhouse was pretty much a grunge-fest of a scene but a well
played show nonetheless.  Its just such a hard place to feel
comfortable - especially compared to the other venues.  The Fieldhouse
is like a big restroom at the Greyhound station - only more so.  
[Note: The Fieldhouse is somewhat of a place of HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE! 
Frank Shorter moved to Boulder in the early 70's because the
fieldhouse was the only large indoor track at altitude in the
country.  Frank went on to win the Olympic Marathon, which caused the
distance running boom in the US and put Boulder on the map for 
endurance sports training]

Lots of good songs and inspired playing for the most part, but it just 
didn't have the soaring peaks that Pikes Peak I and Vail II had.  The 
venue size may have had something to do with the band and audience being 
unable to really "connect".

Landlady->Funky Bitch was a great opener.  Yangety and I had talked about
how we wanted to hear Landlady without PYITE as they had played it so 
frantically in the Springs that we felt like we were cheated out
of full Landlady.  The song is a classic because of it's jazzy,
avante swing bounce.  When they speed it up in drains it for me.

Weekapaug had a "My Girl" (Temptations) Jam.  Contact was loopy.

Wished I coulda gone to Gunnison, but the day job intervened.  The
only song I'm bummed about missing was Loving Cup, a long time
personal favourite.  The three shows I saw left me completely
satisfied and very EXHAUSTED.  I don't know where the band gets all its
|  Glenn Russell                     "Some rise, some fall, some climb...
|    To get to Weekapaug!"       :-)