From: Derek NA Hodovance 
Subject: 3/12/93  Vail, Colorado show...
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 1993 16:29:01 GMT

Another great show...

Set 1                           Set 2
=====                           =====
Buried Alive                    ACDC BAG
Poor Heart                      My Friend, My Friend
Cavern                          Sparkle
Possum                          YEM
Guelah Papyrus ->               Mound
Ansi Festival ->                Big Ball Jam
Guelah                          Chalkdust
Rift                            Trading Places Jam
Stash                           Lengthwise
Fluffhead ->                    Vacume Solo
Fluff's Travels                 1 verse of Lengthwise
The Horse                       Trading Places Jam      
Silent in the AM                Harry Hood
David Bowie                     Golgi Apratus
 w/ Popeye Jam
                                E. Sweet Adaline
                                E. Carolina
                                E. Rocky Top

Jams were increadably tight at this show...  Trey went sic in David
Bowie and... Holy Cow...  Mike was unbelievable at the end of YEM as he
and Fishman went off...  At the begining of the second set about 20
people in the very front had Safeway shoping bags on their heads with
ACDC writen on them...  Trey laughed when he saw it and...  Well...
Wouldn't you know it...  The boys opened with it...  During the encore
between Sweet A. and Carolina someone kept yelling "Danny Boy!" and Trey
said that it was such a great request that he promised that the next
time Phish came to Vail, they will have learned the words to that
one...  Lengthwise seemed to go on forever...  It was kind of funny...

I'm sure I'm leaving something out...  And I'm sure some one will post
about it...  


ps...  I'm not an English major...  Please don't harrase me about my
spelling...  Thank you...

From: russellg@rintintin.Colorado.EDU (Glenn Russell)
Subject: More Colorado Opinions
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1993 00:00:41 GMT


The 2nd set of this show was clearly the most moving to me (and several
others I talked to as well) of the 6 I saw.  This was my dream set.  
The band was in a zone where every song they played shot the crowd to 
a higher level.  One of those situations where you think to 
yourself "Wow, it'd be incredible if they played XXX after this".  
Then Phish responds by playing YYY - which turns out to be exponentially 
better than what you wished for in the first place.  They shattered my
"best case scenario theory".  Ya know?

Dobson was actually a nice venue, much better than expected.  Yes it's
an arena, but barely.  It's a tiny, wooden structure that baffles 
the sound much better than your typical steel roofed puckhouse.  Nice 
absorbant, plywood floor, and CANS of beer readily available.  Heck,
$2.50 for a can of BUD in the Vail Valley is actually reasonable!
Not too crowded inside despite being "sold out".  I had oodles of 
space behind the board which I hungily consumed during the musical orgy 
in set II.  I can't ever remember dancing so hard.  Absolutely an 
incredible time!!!!

Actually, the show started kinda slow for me. With the exception of
a hot Cavern, there was nothing to report until they launched Fluffhead -
from which there was no looking back.  Some highlights:

Set I - 
Fluffhead  - an Odyssey
Bowie - an out of body experience

Intermission - attend to contact lens trauma.  
Causes: 1. ambient cigarette smoke
        2. REM spasms induced by Bowie jam.
"Whose got my miracle eye-drops!                    :-)

Set II
ACDC - Sets the tone for the 2nd set.  This was CRUNCHY!!!
          They compress the crowd into a singularity with this anthem.

My Friend - Bizarre
Sparkle - The pressure builds...
Mound - Syncopated reggae barn hoedown.  Fun rhythms produce epeleptic
        style dance moves.
YEM  - another Odyssey; complete loss of identity
Chalkdust - scorching tribal stomp!  Heartrate reaches 189 beats per
Harry Hood, - yet another Odyssey!
Golgi. - Triumph!  The Grand slam finale.  They clear the bases.
"I saw you, with $42 Vail lift ticket in your hand"   :-)

It took me 4 hours and a quart or two of Habenero pepper homebrew (the
elixir of life!) in RedCliffe before I came down from this one.  

My T-shirt (old one) went un-noticed.
|  Glenn Russell                     "Some rise, some fall, some climb...
|    To get to Weekapaug!"       :-)

From: "Jonathan U. Schuman" 
Subject: My journey to CO
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1993 19:45:54 GMT

Hey y'all,

This has been one of my first free moments since I've been back, so I
I'd share some of my experience.

        I got to Denver about 11:15 friday morning, bubbling with
about that night's show in Vail. Saw a coulpe of fellow easterners out to
see the shows. Hitch-hiked to Frisco (a new experience for me,) and was
up by Grace, a 57 year old widow who owns an antique shop in Frisco. She 
gave me a show history lesson about the area (bonus, because I didn't know
        After about 20 min. sitting in the warm sun by Route 70, I was
up by some people going to the show, wow, how cool. I could get anywhere 
because of PHISH!!! (another bonus!) After an O.K. show, I had to spend
on a freaking hotel!! Oh shit...I was broke. Got a ride to boulder by some
very nice people going to the shows. Got to Boulder about 12:30. 
        As I got to the fieldhouse, it was a warm familiar feeling I had,
seeing the semi and the crew bus, as people were unloading all the
I talkied to Brad a bit, and hung out while the stage slowly came to life.
I was a little dissapointed, because of the acoustics, but when I talked
Trey the night before, he said they were going to hang some acoustical
on the walls, which helped a little.  The security, (as with a lot of
shows was a bit lame.) There were these college age peoples around in
army boots and camo's. It was like they were expecting Metallica (i do
metallica, don't get me wrong.) They were really strict, obviously unaware
of the mystical, and rather peaceful scene that would soon fill every
of that huge concrete structure.  The band walked into the front of the
and I could see all the groveling for guest list status going on outside.
Trey dealt with it remarkebly well, and after talking with their tour
manager, he said that Trey had put 12 people on the list!!! How cool.
        The show was great, ending with a superb BBFCFM, which I enjoyed

For all of you who did not get to this one, sorry, I thought it was one of
the best shows in quite some time!

sorry for bandwidth!

jonathan ;)