From: Jay William Encell 
Subject: Co. Spgs. show!!
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 1993 00:54:11 GMT

First of all I just wanted to say that it doesn't matter how
you label this PYITE/Landlady thing, no matter how you slice
it, it comes up AMAZING.  the landlady part was played twice
as fast as when its anywhere else in the setlist. I had never
heard PYITE before so you can just imagine how incredible
that was. The rest of the 1st set was phabulous. The only 
thing that went wrong was at the end of Glide when they pause
and wait for the crowd energy to go up>down>up>down>up before 
finally burst out the last"gliiiiiiiide", the crowd roar was
pretty constant. I DIDN'T KNOW was nice and I noticed Trey
doing what looked like a MIME act with the mic stand...does
he always do this? 
2nd set-Auxilla,Rift were a lot of fun but it was during the
jam at the end of tweezer that the show started to get interesting.
That jam seemed to go on forever, and the energy level was
increasing throughout. They finally started slowing down, at 
this point I was in need of a quick rest break and was looking
forward to the next song. Reba was great, but thats a given.
However during the jam in Reba I was right bhind the SBD and
spent most of the jam watching the sound guy do his thing, it
was pretty cool to see how much control he actually has over
the show, and it also made me realize how much the lights play
a part in the expierience. Next came Lawn Boy, a perfect choice
right before Mikes/Groove(I felt s overwhelmed...)The strobes
and fog were brilliant. for w hat seemed like an eternity(2-3
minutes) I herard this incredible jam but I couldn't see ten
rows in front of me, let alone the band, due to the fog.  All
I could see were the strobe lights. Very intense. Weekapaug is
another given.  I also got to participate in my first Big Ball
Jam(3 for 3). Squirming Coil was sweet and the Tweeprise" closer
was smokin'. When the band came out  for Amazing Grace and 
finally got the crowd quiet, someone in the third balcony started
singing their own song.  Trey went back to the mic and said that
he and this person had conspired before thge show and that the
imposter would now do a stage dive from the 3rd balcony. I over
heard a lot of people after the show saying that they thought
he was going to jump. Would Trey have been liable? Rocky Top
was fun but extremely short. 
Just my 3rd show(1st with more than 1000 phans) it was a lot
different than the first two but one thing is obvious, The
phanbase is expanding exponentially like some recursive virus.
The music just seems bigger.



From: Josh Orfanakis 
Subject: (none)
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 1993 18:12:31 GMT

Date sent:  11-MAR-1993 10:40:19 

I was wondering if anyone knew if the shows in Saacramento(22nd), Santa
24th), or the Santa Cruz(25th) show were sold out?  Also, could someone
let me know what the number is for Bass Tickets?  

Just a few thoughts about the Colorado Springs show on Tuesday...I thought
first set was intense.  The Divided Sky, Antelope, and Maze all were great
my opinion.  The band just seemed to be really psyched to be in Colorado,
I don't 
know, they just seemed to be really into it. The second set started a
slow, maybe i'm not to crazy about Axcilla, but things really got moving
excellent versions of Tweezer and Reba.  Mike's Groove was incredible!!!
too many people around me were too psyched, but I thought Horse-->SITM was 
great.  Tubbs did a nice vacuum, as he noted "This room was made for
cleaners" right before he broke into Terrapin.  I was really pleased with
s solo at the end of Coil.  The encore was good, especially the excellent 
version of The Eleven the guy in the upper deck belted out.  I thought he
stage dive, anyone else?
All in all I thought the show was excellent.  Good sound, good crowd, and 
security was no problem, at least where I was.  See Ya in Vail, any

One more question, does anyone know how far Gunnison is from Colo.

Sorry, one more thought, thinking of the "longest note" debate, I think we
have had a winner with the long note Trey held during Reba, it seemed to

That's it, later...

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