From: Joseph Collins 
Subject: Winston Salem 2/17/93
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1993 15:10:27 GMT

Setlist for Phish at Benton Convention Center
         Winston-Salem, NC 2/17/93
Set 1                          Set 2
Buried Alive                  Auxcilla
Possum                        Landlady
Weigh                         David Bowie
All Things Reconsidered       Glide
SLOTH                         My Friend, My Friend
Runaway Jim                   My Sweet Big Balls
It's Ice                      Horn
Bouncin                       YEM
Fluffhead                     Lengthwise 
Maze                          Squirming Coil
                        E: Carolina w/ mics
                           Good Times Bad Times
INCREDIBLE SHOW!  They were much, much tighter than they were in Chapel
Hill.  The 1st set was unbelievable!  I was really surprised when they
played Possum which was a pretty good version, though it seemed like they
were still working out a few bugs in the sound system.  I didn't
originally like Weigh, but it's really starting to grow on me.  Sloth was
great!  We were talking to Page before the show and requested Sloth, and
got it!!  The Runaway Jim was among the best versions of this song that I
have ever heard.  Good It's Ice.  The first set finished extremely strong
w/ Fluffhead, Maze, and Golgi- all excellent versions.  The 2nd set was
extremely tight, though it was very Rift-y.  I was kind of disappointed
that we didn't get the Punch You in the Eye with the Landlady.  David
Bowie was incredible, as usual.  Glide was fun- it had an extra long pause
before the final "Glide".  My Friend, My Friend was insane!  Definitely
one of the highlights of the 2nd set.  The acoustic opening was really
cool, and constrasted well with the crazy jam w/ the strobes.  Good You
Enjoy Myself: the theme of the jam revolved around Sunshine of Your Love. 
In one part of the vocal jam they were actually singing Sunshine..Love,
but in a really distorted way.  This was the first time I saw the reggae
Lengthwise and I thought it was awesome.  Why didn't they do the album
version reggae?  The set closed with a nice Squirming Coil.  Though it was
a bit of a mellow finish to the set, it is always great to see Page wail
like that.  They had to pull out the mics for Carolina because the crowd
was way too loud.  Its too bad that the crowd couldn't keep quiet, though
it is nice to be able to actually hear them do the barbershop quartet. 
The show came to a smoking finish with Good Times Bad Times.  
     All in all, this was a great show.  I have been kind of skeptical
about their new stuff, but they proved to me that they can really do
something with these songs.  I hadn't really given My Friend, My Friend a
chance, but this song is CRAZY!!!  Weigh is a really good mellow tune as

P.S.- could someone send me the info on the Atlanta gathering.  I can't
seem to find any directions to the Mellow Mushroom in previous digests.


From: (Robert J. Wood)
Subject: Winston Salem Review
Date: 18 Feb 93 20:34:16 GMT

I think I am going to need plastic surgery to remove the smile from my
face!!!  By far the hottest show I have ever seen.  Here is what I can
remember of the set lists.  I think the songs are all right, but I know
the order isn't.  Sorry, I was to caught up in the show to write down the
list, so I did it this morning in class:
Set 1
Buried Alive
Runaway Jim
All Things Reconsidered
It's Ice
Bouncing Around

Set 2
David Bowie
My Friend, My Friend
YEM (Vocal Jam)
Big Ball Jam       
My Sweet One
Squirming Coil

Good Times Bad Times

I hope someone out there wrote down the correct order and that it is
posted, but I believe this is pretty close.

Anyway, ome of the highlights of the show (for me) was Possum.  It was
just incredible.  I was on leaning on the stage all night (except for
those many moments when the music just took over and I couldn't help but
bounce or flail).  I was between Mike and Fish, so I heard a lot of bass
and a lot Page who was not clear to me at all until the end of Coil.  That
was due to my location undoubtedly.  Bowie was incredible!!  Trey was
playing like a man possessed.  Fluffhead!!  Finally, I was able to witness
this musical masterpiece with my own eyes and ears!!  While it was just
plain great to hear it, it seemed that Mike and Trey were really
struggling through it and Fish was carrying them the whole way.  I got
over that real quick... cuz I have been looking forward to hearing it for
sooooo long.  Trey went  to the acoustic for the beginning of My Friend.
Man that sounded great!!  They need to find more excuses to integrate
acoustic into their shows.  I finally got to see the Big Ball Jam, which I
previously was supposed to see in the last two shows I saw, but they never
got around to it.  I thought there were four balls.  So I asked Fish
during the jam (while he was playing) if there was a fourth ball, and he
put on a sour face and said he didn't have one.  I though that was quite
hilarious!  I mean what other band can you talk to the musicians during a
jam and get a humorous reply? or any reply? or talk to them?  Reggae
Lengthwise...pretty cool.  YEM (a song which can never be played exactly
the same twice) was excellent as usual.  They went into Cream's Sunshine
of Your Love at the end and began their vocal jam with that.  I was also
able to pick out Superfreak riff in there.  

Finally, the venue was OK...a ballroom in a convention center.  The sign
outside read "Phish Band Concert" which came under their announcement for
a "Pancake Jamboree."  I was a bit skeptical right then, but it all worked
out for the best.  No security to worry about.  Fish needs to dust his
bass drum.  That's it.