From: Eric Budke 
Subject: Poughkipsee Set list
Date: Sat, 13 Feb 1993 19:45:49 GMT

This was my first forray into taping.  I hope they come out well.
Set list...
Guela Papayrus
Split Open and Melt
I Didn't Know-->
Fish Making thunder noises with a plastic board-->
I Didn't Know
Take the A-Train
Run Like an Antelope
Approx 74mins
My Friend, My Friend
All Things Reconsidered
Reba (sweet Jam)
Poor Heart
Beach Ball Jam
Fast Enough...
Yem-->Vocal Jam
Ya Mar
Hold youself high intro
(Trey on Drums)
Fish singing something my guess was "I really love you"  (Help me here)
(Normal setup)
Harry Hood
Over 90mins but haven't figured out how much
Amazing Grace
Good Times Bad Times
Well I don't know about the show being too loud, my ears didn't
even ring, but I was back taping.  A lot of new stuff,  I think that
was my second Harpua which I guess is considered very lucky.  The drive
down  there sucked 3 hours instead of one, coming back was 2.  The Jam on
Reba was great and Trey did a nice drum solo when they had switched.  Page
played well and I can't say that I noticed Mike that much (That's my opinion).
Personal criticisims of the show are the encore.  They played it at Albany
I think(It was done really well though I just want to hear something
different.) and When I went to Cornell in the Fall they played Axis BAL
and they again played that at PC.  I guess I like a little variety, and I
want to hear Whipping Post;-).  There were a few people yelling that last
night. They did the acapella w/ mikes but I don't know if it was necessary
unless the acoustics were really bad.  The croud quieted down nicely.
It was hard to tell if the place was full, I now it wasn't but there were
no seats on the floor.  i got stuck w/ 2 tix.  The speaker set up was
They dropped two sets about 1/3 of the way up the floor from the stage
hanging from the rafters.  As well as the usual stuff on the stage.  I
gotta run.

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From: Galahad 
Subject: Poughkeepsie, my $.02
Date: Sat, 13 Feb 1993 23:00:39 GMT

Hi All!
        Those of us who braved the blizzard, IMHO were rewarded very
well, Ya Mar, Harry Hood, and Harpua!  There was a slight variant on
Harpua though, in the fight, Poster kills HARPUA, then dies of a heart
attack! Could this mean that Harpua (the song) is dead for a while..8^(

        The scene was pretty cool, the venue looked as though it could
hold about 2500 -> 3000 people and I'd say it was about 3/4 full.  I was
up front for the second set, and despite a few people making a mad rush
for the barracade, it was suprisingly mellow, no moshing or $hit like
that.  On my way in I was confronted by about 10 -> 15 people selling
tickets AT COST! Then on the way out there must have been about 25 or so
people working together trying to sell cheesy PON dyes apparently from the
fall for $10.

        If anyone taped the entire show and it came out well, please
e-mail me, (my friend taped set II, it took us much longer then we
expected to get there) and we can possibly work out a trade.


PS. If anyone wants to get a copy of the White Album, e-mail me and we can
work out a trade (or send me blanks)
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Subject: Poughkeepsie
Date: Sat, 13 Feb 1993 23:30:11 GMT

As Trey mentioned at the end of the night, this was their last Northeast
show for a while, and It showed. Well the first set wasn't amazing, but i
enjoyed it,and the Antelope to close it was pretty hot, But they EXPLODED
for the second set, it lasted almost two hours including the enore, adn it
was hot from start to finish, highlights being the Ya mar, my first, the
Harry Hood, which they played in response to a chant by a group of guys
right next to me at the front of the venue. They had planned (i think) to
go straight to Harpua, but played a cool Harry first. The Harpua(again my
first) was COOL, noone has mentioned it at least no digest has come with a
mention, but little Jimmy was watching TV he was watching the SuperBowl
halftime show, and you guessed it, they played Black or White, at least
the first part. and unlike the Cap theatre this fall when they poked fun
at the Spin Docs, Ihthink this had a little more bite to it They also
mentioned a man with no pigment having steam shot up between his legs on
stage. Teh Amazing grace was cool, too bad the used mikes, but people were
quiet for it. They played a hot Good Times Bad Times, but I was hoping for
a  Fee, or another original. While Amazing Grace is IMHO the best A
cappella they do, I would like to hear the others again. All in all a
great show. I heard a tape of the show, and the sound is good. If you can
find tapes without the cuts present on the ones I heard GET THEM, all in
all, a very HOT show, 
                             peace, josh


From: Galahad 
Subject: Poughkeepsie (again)
Date: Sat, 13 Feb 1993 23:32:46 GMT

In reply to Eric Budke's post of the setlist to Poughkeepsie,

|Fish singing something my guess was "I really love you"  (Help me here)

That was Terrapin by Syd, one of my highlights also!


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From: (John Greene)
Subject: Poughkeepsie Setlist and review (2/12/93)
Date: 13 Feb 1993 18:56:42 -0500

Absolutely fantastic show last night!  Here's the list as I haven't seen
it posted yet:

Phish - Poughkeepsie, NY - 2/12/93

I:                                 II:
 Golgi                              My Friend
 Maze                               All Things Reconsidered
 Guelah                             Reba
 Sparkle                            Poor Heat
 Melt                               Big Ball Jam
 Esther                             Fast Enough For You
 Wedge                              You Enjoy Myself
 Chalkdust                          Ya Mar
 I Didn't Know*                     Terrapin**
 A-Train                            Harry Hood
 Antelope                           Harpua -> Black and White Jam ->
                E: Amazing Grace
                   Good Times Bad Times
* Fish had this big white board that he was shaking.  I guess he was tring
to make thunder type sounds -- didn't work too well :-)
** A nice sloooow Terrapin w/ Trey on drums.  Vacuum solo by Fish.  After
the song (during the Hold your Head reprise, Trey had a nice 30 second
drum solo.

*** Jimmy was watching the Super Bowl during this Harpua and so when it
was halftime, Jimmy continued to watch the intermission (which was Michael 
Jackson!) hense the Black and White Jam.  Also, Poster Nut Bag
(Jimmy's cat) killed Harpua!!!  Trey was freaking out as usual, building
up the fight between PNB and Harpua and then he said "PNB KILLS HARPUA!!!"
and everybody freaked out (could this be the last Harpua ever?).  PNB then 
has a heart attack and dies.  Very humorous version.

This show was solid through and through -- MUCH better than Providence
(IMHO). The song selection was nice and everyone really seemed to be in
the groove. Highlights were, of couse, Harpua, Ya Mar, and A-Tain -- I
guess because of their rare nature.  Trey commented on how Fishman is
always late for the bus in the morning so they have this $1000 bet whether
or not he can be on time for the entire tour.  Anyone running to Fishman
should bust has balls about it :-)

Got to meet the 2^3 Molly which was a perfect way to end a perfect show.
Also ran in to netter Mr. Bruce.  Hi Bruce!

After the show, I gave Trey a copy of the yeP! tape and he was truly
psyched. What a cool guy.  The weather was pretty heinous and Trey wanted
to split but he invited us to this bar down the road called the Cactus
Club where some thrash band was playing.  Apparently, one of the guys in
the band used to play with Mike.  Trey, Mike, and Page were all there, and
Mike got up on stage for all of about 30 seconds.  It was pretty silly.

On the way home we spun off the road into a snowbank (no damage or
injuries) and had to wait for an hour until a plow came by.  He (and the
people behind him) got out and helped us push the car out (whew!) and we
didn't get back to Amherst until 7am!  My cold is certainly not doing any
better :-)

Oh well.  It was worth it.  Top notch performance (up there with 2nd night
New Haven from NYE run IMHO).  Peace everyone!

-jg ( 

"Love, love, love, just love yourself, like no one else..."

From: (David Steinberg)
Subject: Po'town review
Date: 25 Feb 93 14:06:06

This appeared in a recent Bard Observer.  It has been a tradition for
a while to have long reviews whenever Phish play Pougkeepsie.
Unfortunately, the people who knew about Phish have graduated.  This
article was written by someone who used to hang out a lot with me, but
that was her only source of Phish info.  That might explain the fact
that she knew Harpua when she heard it (and knew it was rare), but
thought Harpua was a fish (?!?!?!?!)


      The Bard Observer 2/17/93 p.8            
                Phishing for fun
   Adventures of three Bard students on a Friday night
-Jeana C. Breton (reprinted without permission, but I doubt she'd

Last Friday, one of Joey, George, and Daisy's favorite bands was
playing, and the tickets were non-refundable, so these three brave
people set out in a small car to make their way to the Mid Hudson
Civic Center despite the cold air and heavy snowfall.  On unplowed
roads they drove slowly towards their destination.  Along the way they
would have listened to a Phish bootleg, but the tapedeck wan't
working, so they tuned into 101.5 instead.  It was a Bon Jovi "Keep
the Faith" Valentine's Day weekend on WPDH, much to the riders'
dismay, but they listened anyway.

The drive went slowly.  The car passed at least three vehicles that
had skidded off the road.  It was dark, and there really wasn't much
scenery to look at anyway except the passing cars, most of which had
only one headlight.  

Conversation, too, was dismal.  They talked only of the weather and
past experiences of drving in the snow.  George swore that in his
hometown the roads would have long since been plowed and sanded,
especially since it was after five and the highway workers could get
paid overtime.  

Finally they arrived. To avoid the crowded parking lot, they parked on
the street about a half of a block away from the Civic Center.  They
were not sure it was legal to park there, but they honestly did not

Just outside the door, George bumped into three people he knew.  There
were introductions, but no handshakes.  Joey and Daisy went in to
collect the tickets they had reserved at the beginning of the week;
were it not for the reservations, they would not have been able to get
it- the show was sold out!

Tickets received, they entered the building.  It looked like a small
gymnasium that smelled like a circus.  There were some bleachers, but
most of the floor was opened up so that people could dance.  The stage
set-up was the same as it had been at Phish's last few concerts- their
equipment, large speakers, ceiling lights, and decorated sheets of
plastic in the background.  There were the usual number of tapers who
seemed to have as much equipment as the band itself, if not more, and
despite the terrible weather, the place was packed. 

After finding a round-about way to the bathrooms, Joey and Daisy found
seats from which to watch the show, and George went walking around to
talk to other people he knew.  At 8 p.m., when the show was supposed
to start, there was still no sign of the band, and several groups of
people were still engaged in hacky sack competitions.  At
approximately 8:30, a D.J. named Mark C (Italian something), from WPDH
came on stage to announce that the band would be on soon, but it was
hard to hear hime because the volume on the microphone was set so

About fifteen minutes later Phish finally appeared on stage.  The
crowd crowded in closer to the stage, the overhead lights went out, and
the stage lights came on.  First red, then blue, then yellow, then
green, and back to red again.  The band began to play.  George, the
avid fan of Phish, had gone off somewhere to break the "no smoking"
rule, so Joey and Daisy were left to keep a set list themselves;
neither having very good knowledge of Phish songs or lyrics.  They
were not very successful.  They think the opening song was "I Saw

There is something, however, that everyone should understand about the
band Phish, and that is that there is no way to justly describe their
music.  They once did a lot of Led Zepplin covers.  These days they
create their own songs, which are made up of some stuff that sounds
like jazz, other stuff that is very psychedelic, and other music and
lyrics that simply have a bouncy feel to them.  It's nice to sway (or
bounce) to; it is even, under certain circumstances, good to meditate
to.  The only real character flaw in their music is that it is too
often nearly impossible to figure out what the lyrics are.

Joey and Daisy were thinking about this a lot as they watched the show
and held their hands over their ears in a meager attempt to drown out
the ringing and figure out what songs were being played.  There were
ten songs in the first set.  One was an a cappella version of "I
Didn't Know That I Was That Far Gone" after which there was a very
interesting "plastic solo" by the drum player Phishman who had a sheet
of heavy plastic that he waved in front of the main microphone for all
the audience to hear.

Another interesting thing occurred when a harmless girl decided to
dance her way across the stage right before the last song in the set.
She was whisked away by a member of the stage crew before security
people could get to her.  After that, the band played a song that Joey
thinks was "Run Like an Animal Out of Control."

Nothing unusual happened during intermission; the space around the
food concession booths was full, the line to the ladies room was long,
there was no line at the men's bathroom, and security guards had to
help a drunk girl to her feet when she nearly passed out on the floor.

The second set was much like the first except that this time Phishman
did a solo on a vacuum.  Also, the stage crew dude, who had whisked
away the dancer, threw three large beachballs out for the crowd to
play with.  After seven songs the second set ended, but because
Poughkeepsie was Phish's last stop in the northeast for a while, they
did an encore.

The encore (in Joey, George, and Daisy's opinion) was by far the best
part of the show.  The band did a rare performance of their famous
song "HARPUA" in which a cat runs away from his owner, goes out into
the street and meets Harpua (a large fish), miraculously kills Harpua,
and gets so excited about the whole ordeal that it has a heart attack
and dies.  After this they sang "Amazing Grace" a capella and
performed "Good Times, Bad Times."  In the words of a nameless member
of the audience, "It was a real treat and a good send-off for Phish."