From: Aaron Frost 
Subject: 2/10/93 Smith Opera House Geneva
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1993 08:15:25 GMT

        Set 1               Set 2
Loving Cup              Runaway Jim
Foam                    It's Ice
Guelah Papryus          The Squirming Coil
Reba                    Tweezer
The Sloth               I Walk the Line
Divided Sky             Sparkle 
Tiela                   You Enjoy Myself *
Llama                   Silent in the Morning
I Didn't Know           Hold Your Head Up Theme >
Catapult                Cracklin Rose
Run Like an Antelope    Possum

                        Enc:  Sweet Adeline (acapella w/o mic)
                              Amazing Grace ( "  "    "    " )
                              Tweezer Reprise

        * Incredible bass and drum solo and the vocal meltdown was wild.

        I was told upon entering that no cameras were allowed.  When I
        begged to differ and asked to see Amy Skelton, the asst.
        manager, whom I had spoken with the night before in Rochester as 
        well as many times in the past, I was led upstairs.  In a room
        Mike just hanging out was Andrew Fishbeck and his laptop computer.
        Andrew is the production mgr I guess.  He informed me that from
        on a press / photo pass would be required to shoot the band.  So I
        signed a waiver stating that I wouldn't sell, publish, etc. w/o
        consent of Phish, and was given a sticker.
                I asked if uploading the photos to tne net archive site
        would require the bands approval and he didn't have an answer.  So
        my work that already appears there, being from a time before these
        rules were in effect, I believe to be OK.  I'll be searching for
        answer as to wether I can submit any more of my photos to the net

        Shelly between meals and after a nap could you perhaps find time
        to let me know if documenting the photos to the net archive is 
        alright?  Let me know also if you want them as before.

*****  So Photographers make sure you acquire a press pass, I was checked
        for one 7 times by security, and it was pasted to my shirt 
        pocket.  Rent a cops aren't too observant.


Subject: Geneva surprise!!!
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1993 15:58:44 GMT

Incredible show last night.  I got there and the crowd didn't seem very
Phishy-mostly "preppy" college kids-so I didn't expect much.  Fact is,
the crowd was great.  There wasn't a peep during the a capella tunes.
The band was also great as usual.  Trey went absolutely nuts during Llama.
Great cover up by Trey during YEM when Mike somehow got unplugged.  Trey
just kept stopping the song and staring at him with a grin and everyone
cracked up.  My personal highlight was when Page took my kazoo that I
held up to him before the a capella during the encore.  He blew one note
into it the said "nah" and put it in his pocket.  The band seemed to be
having a great time.  Also another incredible piano solo by Page in
Squirming Coil.  That's the good stuff that I remember right now.  Gotta
get some sleep now.
                                       So long,