From: Allison Beth Newman 
Subject: Post-show Ritz Jam
Date: Mon, 8 Feb 1993 05:39:24 GMT

Wow! What an incredible Phish weekend of smoking jams. Friday night's
show was great but there was a bit of cohesion lacking. It seemed like
Trey and Jon were extremely tense with eachother. At a few points
during the first set Trey muttered a bunch of annoyed comments Jon's
way and their playing was definitely at odds with each other. But
Page's brilliant piano playing soon immersed everyone.  The Squirming
Coil was truly out of this world (as was the Vibration of Life) and
Loving Cup was great to hear. But my true highlight from Friday night
was the post-show jam at the Ritz. Warren Haynes (Allman Bros.) led an
incredible array of musicians on a rocking, jamming evening. Jaimoe
(Allman Bros.), Jerome Brailey and Bernie Worrell (Funkadelic), Chuck
Leavell (Stones, Clapton), Jon Popper(Blues Traveler), and Noel
Redding( Jimi Hendrix Experience) showed up and played some Dylan, Otis
Redding, Warren Haynes Band, Dead, Stones, Cream, and more. The show
was really hot but the great surprise was when Trey showed up to jam
Spanish Moon next to Warren's slide.  He looked somewhat uneasy at
first, seemingly not used to being unable to control the whole show and
master of the material.Then a few members of the Dave Matthews band
showed up (their fiddle playuer impressed all) and Trey stood in on
keyboards, doing a funky samba. They finished up and exited the stage
and the MC came out to get everyone psyched for the encore. Then he
asked if "Mark, the bass player from Phish was around" who I saw
already standing backstage. They all came back out and broke into a
steamy Gloria. Trey and Popper went off on an extended vocal jam and
Mark took a nice long solo. The music seemed to never end and the
smiles on everyone's face made the night even better.  What was really
neat though was that when Mike joined Trey up on stage for the encore,
the music was given a whole new angle. It was truly great to see their
talent recognized by such talented musicians and a whole new crowd. I
know someone who taped the show via soundboard and will try to get some
tapes out to those of you who could not be there. 

Hmm..I just realized that by not breaking my post up into smaller
paragraphs some of you might get a bit dizzy. Sorry. But before I go I
must add that Saturday night's show was one of the most *incredible*
Phish shows I have ever seen.  Trey drooled all over himself and Page
was beaming. Popper at the age of 24 is already legendary. Let's hope
that he gets healthy soon. And Noel Redding added an aspect of
authenticity to an already suberb rendition of Fire. Trey's "move over,
rover and let Popper take over" led us into a rocking harmonica solo.
But I best be ending this message now before I am tempted to stay up in
to the wee hours listening to Phish and reminiscing about a memorable
weekend. (Including Jon's vacuum solo with Shockra...oh no, goodnight

:) :) :)

From: Jeff Maggard 08-Feb-1993 1330 
Subject: Re: Popper, Fetch, Ritz, etc.
Date: Mon, 8 Feb 1993 18:33:13 GMT

From: "Green Bean Dean (Spice, Reid)" 
| Wow.  That bit from Ellis o' Lemuria about the show at the Ritz sounds
| incredible!  I can't imagine.  If anyone has tapes, I would
| one.  Sounds like it might make a great tree.  

It was a great show (at least the second set was).  The show was called,
"Power Jam '93" according to my ticket stub.

After plunking down $15 to get in for the second set (after the Phish
show), we noticed a small sign that said "admission $3 with a Phish ticket
stub"... too bad they didn't have that sign where we could see it


The security guard at the door wouldn't let me in with my tapedeck, but of
course once we got in we saw a couple sets of pseudo-stealthed mics and a
half-dozen decks.  AAAAARG!!!

  double  >B-(

But other than that, the *show* was great!  One thing I found rather funny
was that the band could rarely hit a last note together.  Somebody was
always early/late... ...pretty funnny.  Also, the Ritz wasn't crowded at
all, and it would have been rather easy to waltz up to the front row.

| Call me clueless, but what happened to Popper?  Why's he in a

He broke his hip in a motorcycle accident.

- jeff