Subject: *You Can Feel Good About 11/30/91 Hood*
Date: Mon, 03 Mar 1997 11:56:44 -0500
From: zachary.[...] (Zachary [...])
11/30/91 - Capitol Theatre - Port Chester, NY I don't have this show, I just have the Harry as filler on 6/10/95 (or maybe it's 6/9). I checked out Victor's review of the Antelope from this show, which he thought was a "silly" version. In light of that, I'm not going to seek this entire show, but I sure am glad that someone included this Harry as filler... 0:00 - Opening segment. Trey starts right in with "Walking on the Moon" notes and then shouts, "Cactus!" at 0:14. Cactus of course follows with some slow, funky bass work. Trey gives another "Cactus!" shout at 0:28. Strange staccato stuff from Trey at around 0:40 followed by some great Trey/Page interplay. Page is playing lines and Trey is finishing them. 1:25 - Suddenly, it's all texture. No beat, a couple of Fishman fills... very Floyd-ish sounding. 1:50 - Break out of texture, comping from Page, more effects from Trey. Overall, a great nonstandard intro. Highly enjoyable. 2:17 - Harry verse. 2:46 - Composed section. 5:07 - Heavy metal Mr. Minor. A bit of snarling here. 5:58 - Jam segment. Nice opening melody from Cactus, everyone else quiet. 6:16 - Strange entrance from Trey, probably a flub. It doesn't sound so good but he quickly picks up the ball and begins playing nicely. He must have been daydreaming there for a sec... 7:05 - Shimmering from Fish on a cymbal, Page and Trey playing overtop, mimicking each other. 7:40 - Trey's noodling low on the 'doc and Page is complementing him higher up. Then they start playing the same theme for a little while. 8:25 - Some slight tension building from Trey in the form of repeated runs. Fishman then speeds up the tempo. 8:45 - Volume increase from everyone. 8:55 - More tension building followed by the first RELEASE! Trey's soaring. 9:30 - A nice repeated melody from Trey. 9:50 - Trey's 'doc is wailing and I don't mean rocking... I mean crying out for it's momma. Jimi help me. 10:25 - Slight Dave's Energy Guide teasing from Trey followed by a break-out! Yes! 10:50 - Great tension-building lines from Trey and Page followed by another break-out!! Trey then starts playing the ending theme, but at 11:20 decides to extend it out awhile. Tons of energy here! 11:40 - Now they're defintely going into the ending... 11:58 - You can feel good... I feel good! Total Time = 12:20 Grade: B. This is a great Harry. Such an incredible difference from 11/12/94 that it's almost impossible to compare. Althogether very melodious and some great high-energy soloing from both Trey and Page in the last three minutes of the jam. Very uplifting. For some reason these early, more straightforward Harrys do something to me *emotionally* that some of the later, more group-improvisationally oriented Harrys (e.g. 11/12/94) don't. I know people will disagree with this, especially Dan Nooter, but the clean sound of Trey's soloing and the intense climaxes that are reached lift me higher than the "runaway train." I appreciate both, but perhaps the former more emotionally and the latter more intellectually... I dunno. Zach