Subject: *You Can Feel Good About Linus&Lucy Hood*
Date: Tue, 04 Mar 1997 16:45:53 -0500
From: zachary.[...] (Zach [...])
4/18/92 - Wilbur Field - Stanford University - Palo Alto, CA I haven't listened to this show in awhile, mainly because there's a fair amount of hiss on my tape. Otherwise, the tape sounds excellent, so I have reason to believe that mine is a low-gen copy that has been a victim of a dirty head. Oh well... there are plenty of HQ copies of this show around, so get it for yourself. Also, there's a good firsthand review of this show on Dan Schar's Review Net web page if you want to read about the whole show (sorry, I don't remember the address offhand, but if you go to there's a link to Review Net there.) 0:00 - Opening follows immediately after Dinner and a Movie. Not much interesting going on to start off. 0:30 - Just Mike and soft Fish, with Mike walking. He's high in the mix on this tape which is _always_ good. 1:00 - More excellent Cactus here. 1:20 - Guitar and organ suuustain followed by some atypical sounds due to the lack of beat from Fish. Mike takes over this intro. for awhile. 2:05 - Trey plays with his effects here for about a minute, getting one continuous sound (I don't know if I can call it a "note") while Mike funks it up. At 2:25, Page starts imitating Mike's lines. Cool. Trey finally shuts off his sustain... 3:12 - Harry verse. 3:40 - Composed section. Trey is clear, crisp and energetic right of the bat here. 5:58 - Heavy metal Mr. Minor. Thank you Mr. Hooooooooooooood... 6:50 - Jam segment. Ooops... there are some warbled "Hooooods" from I'm not sure who here. Do I hear an echo? 7:10 - Trey jumps in nicely, with quick, _cohesive_ lines here (which is not always the case). 7:40 - Page joins him, softly at first. 8:10 - Just really solid, melodic work from Trey here, no breaks, no slow-downs. Mike's up-tempo and funnnnky. 8:40 - Nice lines from Trey. Then he heads right into the Linus & Lucy Theme at 8:52!! Cool! Mike picks up the complicated bass part at 9:10. I love this! More L&L from Trey at 9:25, then everyone stops at 9:32. This first stop is poorly timed, so it's hard to tell that this is part of the original L&L composition, but the next three are dead on and sound good. They must have fooled around with this before in practice. 9:55 - Slight break out (from both L&L and in general). 10:30 - A heavier tone from Trey, he uses it to build tension. Building, building, building... 11:08 - RELEASE! Yesss! Broken wide open with the You Can Feel Good theme! New gear, whole new #@$&%*%#-ing transmission! Flat out _wailing_ from Trey. 11:45 - You Can Feel Good theme again from Trey. 12:00 - Ending signalling arpeggios from Trey (I think this is what they're called... I read that in another Harry review... please correct me if I'm wrong here)... 12:19 - You can feel good... I Feel Good! Total Time = 12:40 Grade: A. An amazing Harry! You gotta hear this one. The melodic first two minutes of the jam and the intense last two minutes would propel this version up to a B+, but the Linus & Lucy stuff just pushes this one to the top. The way that Trey just drops a couple of riffs and ten seconds later Mike and Page are joining him in full force is just phenomenal! The Auld Lang Syne teasing in 12/31/93 is of the same magnitude (which BTW, is another of my favorite versions). If you don't have this Harry, don't grovel to me, but grovel to someone! Zach

From: Charlie Dirksen 

4/18/92  Stanford, Palo Alto, CA

Trey's jamming in this version is as similar to 3/20/92 as his jamming
on 12/31 is to 12/28/93. Imagine that. ;)  The opening segment seems
slower and more laid back than 3/20/92, with light noodlin from
everyone (this came after an unduly filling Dinner).  Very laid back
opening, with some of the exact same spacey sustain stuff from Trey as
he did on 3/20 (but Page and Mike continue to jam).  This opening
segment is also drawn out, in this way, as 3/20's was.  This even
moreso, with the first Harry verse not coming in until 3:32.  I don't
think they've drawn out the Harry opening this much in 1995, but I'm
not sure.

The jam segment doesn't come in until 7:30!! Mike sings Hood a little
longer at the beginning of this jam segment.  This is much later a
time to start the jam segment than the 1994-5 versions reviewed below
(but this jam segment is much shorter than 1994-5 versions, in
general).  This jam segment proceeds with Trey noodlin in typical trey
fashion, until about 8:45, when he starts to faintly start teasing
what could become a Linus & Lucy (PEANUTS) jam.  He doesn't actually
tease the True Linus & Lucy Theme until 9:50, but he comes damn close
in the preceding few minutes.  Damn this is soooooo f*cking pretty.
Mike and Page start accompanying him on this theme, too. ;)  Very
cool. Wow.  I know you were at this show, DownerMan (Shelly, I guess
you were probably there, too, huh?)...  This is such a groovy little
Linus and Lucy jam until 10:50 or so, when Trey starts jamming in
typical Hood-like fashion.  Just soaring rifts that ascend and descend
and carry you along... spectacular stuff.  I like this version
enormously more than 3/20/92.  The final jamming is very overawing...
there is no question that I prefer this version to 12/31 and even
12/28.  It is just more melodious... 12/31 jams more fiercely,
perhaps, but doesn't have quite the orchestral and triumphant feel of
this version.  Ends at 14:05.  BTW, HYHU starts immediately, and drags
on and on until Fish, clearly annoyed,  says "I think we get it!" ;)
He apologizes.. no doubt with a smile..