Subject: *You Can Feel Good About 3/31/93 Hood*
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 1997 16:41:41 -0500 (EST)
From: Zach [...]
3/31/93 - Roseland Theatre - Portland, OR A good overall show, one of the first I obtained specifically because I heard how good the Harry was... 0:00 - Opening segment. 0:25 - Trey teases the Pink Panther theme and Mike joins him. 1:00 - Trey starts the tease again and Mike finishes with the whole Pink Panther line. Very cool!! 1:25 - Sustain from Trey, all Page teasing something unfamiliar... 2:00 - Simpsons signal from Trey... D'oh! Great intro! 2:20 - Harry verse. 2:48 - Composed section. 5:10 - Heavy metal Mr. Minor. Thank you Mr. Hooood..... 6:00 - Jam segment. Mellow and pretty for the first minute or so, lots of cymbal shimmering. 7:00 - Floating notes from Trey, he's just sending them out there... 7:25 - Slight volume increase, the jam is building speed. 7:40 - Some feedback-washed runs down the 'doc, Page is playing high on the piano. A nice juxtaposition. 9:00 - Trey is busting out, Fish is crashing the cymbals, Page is comping. Lots of energy here. 9:50 - Machine gun notes from Trey, followed by tension building and a slight release. 10:40 - Fish is going nuts, banging away. Trey is brooding and then releasing, soaring. 11:15 - Serious RELEASE! SOOOARING! Damn, now he's Joe Satriani! Fast, fast, fast! 12:10 - More crazy Trey, this version is all him even more than it's usually all him! He won't come down from the top of the 'doc! Step away from the edge Trey! Step away! Ahhh, he's leapt off the edge! But as he's falling, he's still jamming the You Can Feel Good theme! 12:50 - Ending theme. 13:10 - You Can Feel Good... I feel good! Total Time = 13:32 Grade: B+. An excellent version! Trey at his craziest. The opening is a lot of fun and the jam segment, although light on the tension, is heavy on the release! If you like high-energy Hoods as I do, and you like machine-gun Trey, as I do, get this version! Zach